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It’s as simple as that. When we are healthy, we are better able to face challenges and give our best to whatever endeavor we undertake.Recent research indicates that companies who offer yoga and wellness program to their employees reduce their annual health insurance premiums, and thereby improve their bottom line.

I have invited SauYoga for conducting Yoga & Meditation Sessions for my clients from US. The session was fantastic & client is so happy that they agrees to visit us again with the point mentioning that they want another level of sessions next time. We have got good rapo with client with this amazing sessions. Instructor Mr. Shelar is a well knowledgeable person who knows how to teach & handle international clients. – Mr. Abhijeet (MD)

Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a great benefit. We offer a range of practices from slow and meditative to energizing and active. We will get to know your staff and find out the type of practice most needed.  Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation/stress management training and fitness. Together, this one-two punch may have a powerful impact on both overall culture, performance and costs.

We are very happy with the Yoga course conducted by SauYoga. The instructor was very informative and very polite. Course was stress releasing for everyone. Employees are happy about it and it has boosted the productivity. – Sandip Khare, Human Resource

Corporate Yoga Programs Have Many Benefits

  • Employees that are happy and full of energy, and as a result, becomes more productive
  • Decline in stress-related sick occurrences
  • Improved concentration, decision-making skills and ability to multi-task
  • Improves employee alertness and ability to react more calmly in demanding situations
  • Relief of head, neck and back strain, carpal tunnel syndrome, insomnia, high blood pressure and work-related injuries from repetitive motion
  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced employee attitude and outlook
  • General well-being in the workplace which reduces employee turnover.

Some of the physical benefits:

  • Improves flexibility
  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves posture
  • Develops focus, concentration & memory
  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces stress
  • Alleviates depression
  • Helps with focus & clarity of thought
  • Assists with better sleep

Our Corporate Yoga sessions also includes Meditation which act as a booster in releasing stress and tensions for the employees at workplace. It calms the mind, body and soul and employee can achieve more better result benefiting the project as well as company.

Benefit of Corporate Yoga to Company

  • Boost productivity
  • Save on health care costs
  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Lower employee absenteeism
  • Have a lot more fun at work!


We have designed the corporate plans based on the need of corporate employees for releasing the stress, work tensions, back load on sitting the chairs for hours, stress in the eyes by working on computers for long and other factors. These all is based on the facts and designed programs are based on the International Standards for Corporates.

  • Corporate Yoga Seminar (90 mins)
    • This comprises of basic understanding of yoga, its philosophy and the requirement of yoga in day to day life. The session will also comprises of a presentation which will give more deep understanding of the yoga concepts. It will also cover few basic asanas and breathing techniques which everyone can do in day to day work environment. It also contains teaching meditation in the basic level creating calmness in the work surroundings.
    • For more enquiry please contact us from contact page.
  • Corporate Yoga Training (5 days, 1 hour each day)
    • Yoga Training includes basic asanas with breathing techniques. It will be more focused in  doing practicals and making everyone understand how to perform the asanas and pranayama in proper way. It will also comprises of different postures which will ease the eye stress, posture stresses which are the major factors of the employees working in the corporate. Every session will also cover learning meditation from the basic level. Within 5 days of training sessions, many asanas will be taken so that employee will get more benefit not only in the corporate environment but also at other times.
    • Laughter Yoga is an new addition and attraction in the corporate yoga sessions which will be conducted by us.
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  • Corporate Management Training (2 days, 90 mins each day)
    • This program is specially developed seeking need of management personalities. Generally it is seen that management personalities and employees dont feel comfortable when attending a seminar or session. Thus, this program is only developed for management personalities and the foreign visitors of the company. The training consist of asanas, pranayama and meditations but these things are different from normal employee training as management personalities have more tensions and stress and asanas and breathing techniques are more focused on teaching methodology to nullify the same. More focus is on meditation for teaching more calmness even in worse situations in the work environment. It benefits lot and specially foreign clients loves this kind of yoga training sessions.
    • Laughter Yoga is an new addition and attraction in the corporate yoga sessions which will be conducted by us.
    • For more enquiry please contact us from contact page.
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