Earth is Globe or Flat, Information in Puranas.



I have been seeing the debate of earth being flat or globe all over and its been increasing day by day over social media. Main reason of that is people are started to know how many things are being kept secret by different governments, space agencies and kept in the secret files. I also know that many famous space agencies lies to general people about many things. We are almost in the illusionary world of lies can be called as matrix to keep human slave under the specific frequencies. We will talk about that in some later post.

Talking about whether earth is flat or globe. I have seen many images which shows structure of flat earth by different ancient tribes. I have searched many and found them to be false interpretation. For example check this image.



As you will see in this image, the image of Hindu earth is wrong. Its depiction of “Kurma Avatara” by Lord Vishnu (energy which is used for maintaining the cosmic forces). Its been at the ancient time in another dimension when there was event of churning the ocean using Meru mountain. Its not the at all by any way depiction of earth.

There are many of such wrong depictions I have found over internet. Then I was searching the reality in Puranas. Hindu Puranas are describes the detailed information about different dimensions, existence of multidimensional extraterrestrials all around and their communication with the earth from ages.

When I asked Light to show the way, I have came across actual existence of earths geometry explained in the Bhramha Purana. It clearly says that, earth is a “gol” in sanskrit. Meaning of Gol in vedic time means circular and not sphere. Current version of meaning of gol says it can be sphere as well. So, its cant be confirmed that earth is a sphere or circular. It also mentioned different location of different planets.


Another important thing mentioned in the puranas is, Earth is considered only until where there is light of sun and moon can reach. This can supportive to the arguments flat earthers do suggest.



Lots of things mentioned in Hindu old texts like Puranas & Vedas if one will study will get clear idea of any concept which is currently running like aliens, spaceships, existence of beings on different planets, existence of higher beings like pleiadians and so on.

Its a still for detailed discussion if earth is globe or flat and one need to come to debate with leaving their concepts which had been forced since birth because there are many wrong things are kept on humans in the name of science.

Be open, Be conscious, Be aware, Dont get yourself modulated with current frequency modulation devices, keep your innerself awake, use your intuition and inner feelings more than relying on machines. Choose Love & Light and you will find the way.


Love & Light ❤

Saurabh Shelar


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