Do Rahu & Ketu Exists causing Eclipses?


Rahu Eclipse has always been a debating topic between the ancient scripture believer and the scientists. Earth is Flat or Globe is a point of discussion. You can read the details here. Earth is Flat or Globe, whats Puranas says?

There are a number of facts from Vedas, puranas & ancient texts which are proved by modern science like Idea of Infinite universe, Root of all creation is sound, the Basic building block is energy, The world is round and the number of many other discoveries. Hindu scriptures also told abut planets, their details and their effects on earth & humans which is been slowly proved to be true by science.

For example, infinite universes were the concepts given in puranas but till before a few years back, science were firm on the thinking that there is only one universe. After string theory emerges, it shows that there can be infinite universes and parallel universes.


(all dimensions (2r) in miles)
Mercury 3008 (Vedas) 3032 (Modern)
Saturn 73882 (Vedas) 74580 (Modern)
Mars 3772(Vedas) 4218 (Modern)
Venus * 4011 (Vedas) 7520 (Modern) ocean of CO2 + rocky core

source :

There are a number of Puranas which depicts the details of every thing in the universe. Bramhanda Purana is the one which describes the creation, shape & details of the universe and objects in them.

As being a born Hindu, we have always known the mythological stories and we do love to hear & see them on tv, serials and movies. But, we never accept it completely because we do trust more on scientists nowadays than our ancient rishis. We do trust on any news given in the name of science of scientist blindly who not even able to understand soul which has been understood by our ancient riches thousands of years before and which they mentioned in many ancient scriptures.

We do hear the famous story of Rahu & Ketu in our mythology but we never do accept them in real life. While reading astrology, before doing any auspicious work, we do see if its rahu/ketu kaal but when it comes with textbooks, we says they don’t exists? Because our science or those who teaches us this science don’t show them.

What if tomorrow NASA says that, they found more 5 planets to our solar system? We will believe it instantly and we will start teaching that in the study too. Blindly ! Do you thing any organization can make use of such huge blindness of people for being in most powerful?

“There is atlast one non luminous body of considerable magnitude which is attached as a satellite to the earth” – report of the Academy of Sciences for October 12th, 1846, and again for August, 1847, the director of one of the French observatories. 

And What if I tell you today that Rahu & Ketu do exists? You will never believe it because belief system will not make you to accept those things even if they are in your own ancient texts or day to day life.

According to Vedic Astronomy, the most ancient and accurate system of astronomy on the planet, solar eclipses are not caused by the Moon coming in front of the Sun as astronomers believe. Rather the Moon is described as being further away than the Sun and what happens at the time of a solar eclipse is the Moon goes behind the Sun and a dark planet call Rahu comes between the Sun and the Earth.



If Western astronomers are correct the solar eclipse would be the prefect time to see the moon illuminated by earthshine. The shadow created which causes the solar eclipse on earth is, according to NASA, at most 167 miles wide. So if you were sitting on the moon during a solar eclipse you would see an extremely bright earth planet with a dark circle of only 167 miles wide. This is not enough to diminish the earthshine in any significant way. So even though the sun is behind the moon, the full force of the sunshine is hitting the earth and reflecting off those shiny blue oceans and reflecting off the land also. So the moon is completely illuminated by earthshine, even though the sun is directly behind it.

“Invisible moons exist in the firmament.” Sir John Herschel

Now if Western astronomers were correct, if you were in that 167 mile wide path of the total eclipse of the sun when the sun was completely covered you would of course see the sky become black and then you could see the stars. But if the sun was covered by the moon you would be able to see the moon quite clearly, in front of the sun, illuminated by the ‘earthshine’. Of course, it would not be as bright as the full moon, but the earthshine would certainly illuminate the surface of the moon so we could clearly see it and clearly make out the features on the moon’s surface.

“The opinion was gaining ground, that many of the fixed stars were accompanied by companions emitting no light.” – The President, meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, in 1850

So what does that mean? It means it is not the moon that causes solar eclipses. We know from the Vedas that what causes solar eclipses is a dark planet, currently unknown in the Western world, which hides in the shadow of the moon. Rahu is relatively close to us, around about the same distance as we think the moon is, but it is completely black, it does not reflect light at all. So even though there is plenty of earthshine falling on Rahu, because it is a black planet none of that light will be reflected back so we will see the sun simply blacked out in the sky on a full eclipse. Which is what we do see.


[taken from]

So this is absolute proof that the assumption of Western astronomers that solar eclipses are caused by the moon coming between the earth and the sun is wrong. Because if that was the case we would be able to see the moon during the full eclipse of the sun as it would be bathed in quite bright earthshine.

Rahu is not a theory. It is a fact. The knowledge of Rahu is there in the Vedas. Veda means knowledge. we can not know from the perspective of the earth using our imperfect senses what is happening way out there in the sky. Yes. Hindu astronomy does say this about Rahu and Ketu. We are talking about these structure of the universe as it is revealed in Srimad-Bhagavatam. And there, in the Bhagavatam, Rahu is a planet. A solid object. Because the western astronomers know about earth and don’t know about Rahu they have assumed it is earth. But actually, it is Rahu.

[taken from

In the Voliva Challenge document, Voliva appears to state that the normal argument about eclipses is flawed, because, as he says, “The sun and moon have both been visible during an eclipse.” Here is a snippet of the document:

The two drawings make an odd comparison, because one is a lunar eclipse showing the (alleged) shadow of the earth against the moon, and the other is a solar eclipse suggesting the non-involvement of the moon in producing the eclipse.

solar eclipse alignment: sun, moon, earth

lunar eclipse alignment: sun, earth, moon

Voliva’s drawing on the right seems to suggest that a solar eclipse can be caused without the sun-moon-earth alignment that would be assumed typical of a solar eclipse. This would imply the possibility that a lunar eclipse may be caused by something other than a sun-earth-moon alignment. His drawing on the right suggests the possibility that some other body circulates in the cupola, dome, heavens, what-have-you.

But this does not happen… During a solar eclipse, the sun goes completely black and even though all the sunlight is blocked out and the sky goes black one cannot detect the moon at all. It is just black. No moon. Of course, we should be able to see the moon as it is being bathed in brilliant earthshine… The sun should disappear and we should see the stars and in the place of the sun, we should see the moon, illuminated by the earthshine. But we don’t see this.

So, the point here is, Either NASA is unaware of this and may find such discoveries in the next few years or else they are aware of these things and hiding it. A question of hiding arises because we are well aware of Fake Moon landing 1969, no moon programs after 1972 by NASA, alien contacts, multi-dimensional research, Area 51, UFOs and many of such controversial things in secret files.

If we trust on our own science, maths, texts which already depict everything why do we teach half true story to kids? Vaidic mathematics is much easier than the maths students learning now. Astrologers who predicts future, auspicious days and time for doing good work still take in consideration of Rahu & Ketu. Then why we are blindly following any organization for study than well-known proofs given in ancient texts? Today’s science has not even reached to find a soul which is already described in our texts. A multidimensional universe, concepts of mind and other senses, Law of Karma, Life after Death are still unanswered questions by today’s science which are already deeply mentioned in old scriptures.


Isn’t that will be good that we will start researching and understanding our own ancient texts for gaining knowledge?



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  1. Geet Singh

    Loved your article.. Today every other human want proof of god but it’s all our faith and belief.
    If we believe then there’s everything and we don’t then there’s nothing .
    I wish soon all is revealed. I have always had a strong belief in vedic Puranas

    1. sauyoga

      Absolutely true Geet. As far as I know, it wont be revealed soon to all but the one who will be ready for knowledge will receive it for sure.
      Love & Light ❤️

  2. wendell hayes

    Thanks Sauyoga. Since I was a child I always paid attention to eclipses.As an adult and a student of Vedic Astrology l was taught that the nodes astronomically are points in space (astronomically)of accelerated karma (astrologically)that we see when Sun, Earth and Moon align.Your explanation of how the Sun’s light gets swallowed and you can’t see the surface of the Moon during a Solar eclipse the reason being a dark planet has expanded my perspective. Thanks again.

    1. sauyoga

      Dear Soul Wendell,
      Science is still as a small kid who is learning first standard in the laws of universe, not even able to know things beyond senses of perceptions. Different machines, instruments made by humans are nothing but just addition to their sense capabilities but to know reality, one need to go beyond the sense of perception. Meditation helps achieving the state of existence in the reality.
      Namaste ??

    2. sauyoga

      Dear Wendell,
      Not every thing can be proved by current science. Science has not even able to find mind & soul even after so much advances in the health department of physical body. The things & objects beyond perception of physical senses are yet undefined for current science. Meditation unfolds the reality of existence.
      Namaste ??

    1. sauyoga

      Thank You Cialis ??. There is alot of information available which can make soul free from the illusionary world. You can connect with us for more detailed insights.

  3. GoldenBrett90

    The only problem with your statement is the earth IS a stationary, flat, dimensional-realm, and not in an imaginary construct called the “vacuum of outerspace”. We are a controlled colony in an enclosed, flat expanse. Gravity is a myth, intentionally taught as “fact” as a part of the indoctrination brainwashing.
    I have more than a decade of daily, obsessive study experience in this subject.

  4. sauyoga

    Dear Soul GoldenBrett90,

    In the blog, its not at all mentioned as earth is flat. Earth is round and its proven by old indian texts as well. This blog only talks about the 2 invisible objects revolving around earth and in hindu texts they are called as Rahu & Ketu.

    we do agree that humans are already brainwashed in this kaliyuga. Awakening is the choice of individual soul and when soul make choice to get liberated from this illusionary world (maya), Divine helps soul to break the matrix.

    Namaste ??

  5. Shaurya

    The earth is flat.. Could you write an article citing examples from Vedas? How can you consider earth as globe explaining Rahu and Ketu? Please research flat earth. I cannot write long articles in a comment but can give you very good videos to research –

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