Akashic Records

Akasihc Records are the records of every tiny bit of moment form the birth of universe till the end. For the humans, definition can be simplified as, records of all karmas of soul since the beginning of his journey and possible outcomes. Veads, the ancient scriptures in Hinduism itself were been extracted from Akasha.

According to Hindu scriptures, the Chitra Guptas is the one, who are endowed with great intelligence and copious memory, keep records and preserves on leaves with pencil, the memory of every act of the souls. Wearing jewels of precious stones, they mediate as umpire between all souls that are embodied.

The equivalent of Chitra Gupta’s records are found in other religions too. The following is an excerpt from the book What Becomes Of The Soul After Death by Swamy Sivananda (of the Divine Life Society)

The departed soul will wait for some time. Then God will appear to judge them. Mohammed will take the office of intercessor. Then everyone will be examined regarding all his actions in his life. All the limbs and parts of the body will be made to confess the sins committed by each. Each person will be given a book in which all his actions are recorded. This corresponds to the books of the Hindus in which Chitragupta, the Superintendent of Lord Yama, records all the actions of human beings.

Gabriel will hold a balance and the books will be weighed in the balance. Those, whose virtuous deeds are heavier than the evil ones, will be sent to heaven. Those, whose wicked deeds are heavier than their good actions, will be sent to hell.

This belief of the Mohammedans has been taken from the Jews. The old Jewish writers have mentioned of the books to be produced at the last day, which contain a record of men’s deeds and the balance wherein they shall be weighed.[/su_quote]

The Jews borrowed this idea from the Zoroastrians. The Zoroastrians hold that two angels named Mehr and Sarush will stand on the bridge on the day of Judgement to examine every person as he passes. Mehr represents divine mercy; He will hold a balance in his hand to weigh the actions of men. God will pronounce the sentence in accordance with the report of Mehr. If the good actions preponderate, if they turn the scale even by the weight of a hair, they will be sent to heaven. But those whose good deeds will be found light, will be thrown from the bridge into hell by the other angel, Sarush, who represents Justice of God.

There is a bridge called Al Sirat by Mohammed, which is on the road to heaven. This bridge is thrown over the abyss of hell. This bridge is finer than hair and sharper than the edge of a sword. Those Mohammedans, who have done good deeds, will easily cross this bridge. Mohammed will lead them. The evil-doers will miss their footing and fall down headlong into the hell, which is gaping beneath them.

The Jews speak of the bridge of hell which is not broader than a thread. The Hindus speak of Vaitarani. The Zoroastrians teach that all men will have to pass over the bridge called Pul Chinavat on the last day. These all detailed description can be found in Garuda Purana.

When a man dies, and while his prana and etheric double withdraw from his physical body, he watches a personal movie of his life in the incarnation that just ended. People who had NDE (near-death experiences) have testified to watching the movie of their personal life. The karmic records of the souls are stored as multimedia books of evolution of each soul through its long journey of repeated incarnations. These karmic records are generally referred to by the term Akashic Records.

In Egypt, those who could read the Akasha were held in high standing and would advise the Pharaohs on daily activities and dream interpretation.

The Bible refers to the Akasha records as the Book of Life in both the Old Testament (Psalm 69:28) and the New Testament (Philippians 4:3, Revelation 3:5, 13:8, 17:8, 20:12, 20:15 and Revelation 21:27

Nothing impure will ever enter it, nor will anyone who does what is shameful or deceitful, but only those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life.

These Akashic Records can be accessible vis different methods and techniques. One of the easiest way is through meditation. Though the meditator has to be in the Advance stages. Few people claimed that they can access these records with OBE (out of body experience) and few claimed that to be reached by lucid dreams. Most of our sad, bad experiences are the part of contracts we did on many of past births. I will write up on that topic and how to get rid of it soon.

When different kinds of entities get in contact with humans, they can generally tell exact past of the person or near future which come exactly same. Many times these entities access these Akashic Records and give the information but all the information is not available for them.

Those who are practitioner of spirituality & who wants to enter into the infinite sea of knowledge must dive into the meditation. When one will reach beyond the physical senses, will be begin in understanding the realities & truths of the universe and self.

If you dont know anything about meditation, or you are intermediate/advanced level practitioner who want to learn more & dive deeper in knowledge can attend this course.

Saurabh Shelar
Love & light <3

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