Our Story

Our Story

SauYoga Spiritual School is a non-profitable school which is devoted towards awakening & spirituality. It has been formed & run based on the divine instructions & messages. Major goal of this school is to awake their students with the highest knowledge & help them to grow spiritually.

Its important for everyone to know & understand the realities of before life, birth, death & after life leaving all the illusions of life which keeps soul trapped inside this maya. When one is ready, shall always get the way towards spirituality & divine energy.

We do conduct varieties of courses, classes, teachings & seminars on the different topics. The courses includes Deep Meditation Retreat which is filled with knowledge of inner-self & soul, Reiki Courses, Yoga Courses (Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, Laughter Yoga, different types of Pranayamas, Bandhas, Mudras are taught with proper way), Meditation Courses (includes number of different types of meditation techniques), Angel Therapy & learnings (involves invoking & interaction with angels), Palm Readings, Bhagvat Geeta Sessions, Healings of various types like Reiki, Angel, Crystal, Soul, etc

our values

international standards

We believe in keeping teaching at International Standards level. This is because there are number of yoga teaching organizations all over but major of them dont keep their practices based on a standard level of teaching. Yoga Alliance is an non-profitable organization for Yoga which defines standards which has to be there for Yoga Teacher or Curriculum. We follow the same rule keeping in all our sessions and trainings based on International Standards.

quality with perfection

We believe in providing quality training with perfection. Our Yoga Teachers are very qualified as per International Standards of Yoga.

live what you love

Yoga has been shown to improve mood and anxiety more than some other metabolically-matched exercises, such as walking.