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Students who has just started learning meditation or who practices meditation always have number of questions in their mind. Many questions remains unanswered due to not getting proper guidance.

Question : “Teacher, Which is the best time for Meditation? Is it in the morning, afternoon or evening?”


Guruji : Old scripture says that, one should neither fo meditation in day nor in night time. Meditation has to be done in between the timeframe between day and night.


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Does that means one has to wait in the day time for day to end & night to start?

No. One can do the meditation in 24*7 time in a day. Then what is the meaning of these scriptures?

Lets see, whats the real concept behind meditation. There are 3 major nadis flowing from muladhara chakra.

  • Ida Nadi
  • Pingala Nadi
  • Sushumna Nadi


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Ida Nadi flows from muladhara chakra to left nostril, Pingala flows from muladhara to right nostril and Sushumna flows from muladhara to sahasrara chakra.

Ida Nadi opening at left nostril also called as moon as it contains femine energy & Pingala Nadi considered as mascular energy. Its also said as, when we are breathing through left nostril, there is night and when we are breathing through right nostril is day based on the flow of energies from the nadis. In between switching of these two, there comes a time when prana flows through sushumna.

So, when there is no day & no night means when the prana is flowing through the Sushumna Nadi.

One Should meditate when prana is flowing through Sushumna Nadi. It doesnt matter its day or night or any time in a day. If a persons Sushumna is active, one can meditate.”


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